Sunday, 27 May 2012

Darren Francis News Update May 2012

DF is currently finishing off the third album by his band Logos, following which he plans to return to writing for a while, perhaps taking time along the way to complete work on his second spoken word album. Bear in mind that as well as his many and varied creative endeavours, DF also works full-time. He is very busy.

Here is an updated list of DF's pages across the net for you to link to:

DF on Twitter - This is very new; DF has only just signed up for it.

DF on Facebook

Deviant Art - Here you can see some of DF's artwork and photography.

DF Bookstore
- Here you can buy DF's book Spell.

DF on Soundcloud - Here you can listen to a selection of DF's spoken word with music tracks. You can download (for free) DF's spoken album God Thing here.

DF still has a presence on myspace here and here, though myspace now seems occupied by little more than ghosts and tumbleweed these days. Tellingly, vitually everything in DF's myspace feed is a synced post from another network.

And herewith the links for DF's band Logos:

Logos website

Logos on Facebook

Logos on soundcloud

Logos Blog

Logos on myspace